Stephanie Raney, Ph.D.

Psychological Services for children, teens, adults, and families

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Stephanie Raney is a psychologist who has been working with children, teens, adults, and families for over 20 years.

Dr. Raney helps families whose children are experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges. Often a child's emotional or behavioral issues begin to interfere with relationships within the family or at school. At that point it is critical to help parents and child change behavior patterns to repair their relationships.

She also helps individuals and families as they navigate major life transitions, such as
  • Welcoming a new baby
  • Adoption
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Remarriage
  • Blended families
These transitions often bring change and uncertainty. Sometimes people need additional support to move through these times and build better lives and better relationships.

Therapy Services

Dr. Raney helps clients of all ages with the following of issues:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Recovery from trauma, abuse, and neglect
  • Attachment problems

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Parenting Support Services

For "old-hand" parents, brand new parents, and parents-to-be, Dr. Raney wants to help all families thrive. She offers parenting support for many situations:

  • Prenatal/postpartum mood disorders
  • Couples counseling
  • Becoming the parent you really want to be

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Divorce Services

Divorce is hard for everyone in a family. Dr. Raney sees her task as helping children and adults find their way to the "New Normal" of post-divorce life.

  • Child Therapy
  • Adult Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Coparent Counseling

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Is It Time to Call for Help?

Parents often wonder when they should seek help for their child.

Some signs that it's time to seek help:

  • The child's problem behaviors are beginning to damage your relationship with your child.
  • You no longer enjoy your time with your child because the problem behavior gets in the way.
  • It feels like the problems rule your life.
  • You lose sleep worrying about your child's functioning.

Many times, troubling behaviors can be resolved quickly with parent coaching. Other times, more in-depth work involving both parent and child, or child alone, is necessary.
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If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Raney, please contact her to arrange a free 15-minute consultation. She'll discuss your concerns and needs to help determine if she is the best fit for you or your family.

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