The First Appointment

Beginning therapy, whether for the first time or with a new therapist, can be a strange experience. You're expected to share intimate details of some of the hardest things in your life, with a complete stranger.
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While I can't change that fundamental weirdness, I can tell you how I begin with all my clients. Whether you're new to therapy or have seen other therapists, you may be wondering how I work.
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Before the First Session

Please download, read, and sign my Office Policies and the Contact Information paperwork.

Bring these to your first appointment.

The paperwork can be found on my Forms page.

The First Session

At our first appointment, we'll briefly discuss some paperwork issues, then it's your opportunity to share with me why you're seeking help at this time. This first session is your opportunity to decide if I'm a good fit for you and my opportunity to determine if I think I can be helpful to you. If you think I'm not the right fit for you, we'll work together to find someone who will be a good fit.

Second and Third Session for Adult Clients

These sessions are a time for me to learn more about you. We'll likely spend time discussing your current life, your history, and your relationships. After this "information gathering" period, we'll discuss my recommendations for treatment, and you can decide if you want to continue in therapy with me.

Second and Third Session for Child Clients

If you are seeking my help for your child, the second session is when I will meet your child for the first time. This session will include your child and at least one parent, together with me. (If you have questions about how to talk to your child about meeting me for the first time, see below.)

The third session with a child client is typically when I spend time alone with a child. Depending on your child's age and nature, I will spend part or all of that third session alone with your child. While I ultimately may recommend that I work with you and your child together, this third session is my chance to see what your child is like without you in the room. I think every parent knows, sometimes kids are very different without their parents around.

Treatment Planning Meeting with Parents

After my information gathering sessions, I will meet again with one or both parents to discuss my observations and recommendations. You can decide if I'm a good fit for your family. If you think I'm not a good fit, we can discuss other options and find someone who will be a good fit.
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